MGRS GPS allows you to see your MGRS location on your iPhone or iPad. In addition, you can tweet, email, SMS on iPhone, or iMessage your location to your friends. Since the app is universal you can capture waypoints with your iPhone and then view and change them on your iPad.
Get your current location, speed, heading and elevation.
Share Your Location
Share your location via email, text message, iMessage or various social networking platforms.
Your Data is Yours
All data is kept on your iOS, iCloud account or Android device.  We never have access to your app data.  
Save and edit waypoints.  On iOS edit them on any iOS 12 device connected to your iCloud account.
Customize It
Customize units, map type and other features to your liking.
Export Waypoints to a kml file
Export your waypoints to a lml file.  Available now on iOS.  Available in early 2019 for Android.

Supports Multiple Device Types and Orientations.

  • No matter what type of iOS device you have or how you hold it the app will feel designed just for you.

Sync data across iOS devices.

  • With an active iCloud account your waypoint and settings magically sync across devices.

Customize the Display.